We make the difference because we are different

Water Fed Poles

We make use of water fed telescopic poles, to reach up to 3 storeys high. For higher buildings, we make use of rope access to clean windows.

The advantages of using water fed poles include minimal disruption around the building and we also do not use any scaffolding. We use purified, de-ionised water which dries on the window leaving no marks.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning includes day-to-day cleaning in hard to reach places by using specialised methods and chemicals which maintains a healthy environment and kills bugs and germs. This reduces the risk of disease and also kills bad odours and extends lifespan of surfaces.

Food Manufacturing Plants

We have a special team that undertake cleaning of Food Manufacturing plants and industrial kitchens. Cleaning is done in accordance with HACCP regulations. All paperwork is done for audit purposes:

  • Training records
  • Claning schedules
  • Areas cleaned
  • Chemicals: SABS 1828 & 1853

After cleaning, all surfaces are sanitised and we have a special program for killing Listeria in your plant.