The Window Crew and Cleaning Crew specialise in professional corporate and residential cleaning services.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is undertaken for both commercial and residential properties. We make use of water fed telescopic poles, to reach up to 3 storeys high. For higher buildings, we make use of rope access to clean windows.

We use purified and de-ionised water to clean windows. The water dries on the window, without leaving any residue or marks.

The benefit of our system is, that there is minimal disruption around the building while we work, as no scaffolding is required. The work gets done much faster than conventional cleaning. A typical double-storey house takes 45 – 60 minutes to clean.

Let us quote you on a scheduled window cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery is cleaned for aesthetic reasons, but also for extending the lifespan of the fabric. Common stains on upholstery are coffee, tea, food and sweat. These are all removed during the cleaning process. Allergens are removed during cleaning.

Floor & Tile Cleaning

Floors are the first object people notice, when entering a building. A dirty floor can impact on the image and perception of your business. Daily use of a mop to clean a floor is not effective, as you only distribute the dirt evenly with the mop.

We take special care when using a sealer on any floor. Factors to take into consideration, when applying a sealer is: the type of surface, the amount of traffic, exposure to sun or rain, etc.

Pre & Post Occupational Cleaning

Buildings are cleaned before people move in or after they have moved out. We also undertake cleaning work for building contractors and construction companies. After building, we clean windows, floors, walls, as well as outside areas. A typical cleaning for offices will be bathrooms, kitchen, carpets, tile floors, etc.

Washrooms & Showers

Washrooms and showers are cleaned as to remove all body fats. Facilities are sanitised, in order to kill bacteria and other pathogens.

Studies have shown that regular cleaning and sanitising in the workplace, greatly reduces the rate of absenteeism. Toilets and urinals are deep cleaned, in order to kill bacteria as well as eliminate odours.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirt and dust on solar panels reduce their efficacy. Since solar panels harvest light, it is a given that anything that obscures light’s passage would affect output. According to a Google study, cleaning the panels exhibited in a 36% improvement in efficacy. Allow us to quote on a scheduled solar panel cleaning.